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Cabin Leader &
Head Cabin Leader

*If you are applying to be a cabin leader and are over 18 years old, please indicate on your application if you have a valid BC boat licence and if you would be interested in helping to run our boat program!

      This is your opportunity to serve God on the front-line. Cabin Leaders have one on one contact with campers and are consistently practicing leadership, general counseling skills and running skills throughout the week. Your days are all about building relationships with campers. It also involves loving them in all ways and doing your best to bring them closer to Christ in their time at camp. Cabin Leaders lead cabin devotions, skills, and participate in wide games, all while taking the necessary time to listen and comfort campers.

       The Head Cabin Leader servers to provide leadership, counseling and comfort to all Cabin Leaders and campers. Your days consist of leading cabin leaders, offering support and encouragement, and taking time to build relationships with campers when possible.

This person is responsible for counselling one cabin of 8-10 campers per week for up to 7 or 8 weeks. Will also assist in mentoring an LIT, twice throughout the summer. Includes serving for one or two weeks as skill and program support, and possibly maintenance support. Must have leadership experience, basic knowledge of the gospel and how to communicate it, excellent relational skills and above all, an incredible desire and passion to love children and bring them to Christ.


7 Male and 7 Female positions available!




This individual will be responsible for leading, mentoring and supporting cabin leaders throughout the summer. They will be available for constant communication between cabin leaders and staff, as well as being available for constant support and wisdom regarding any and all counselling situations. They will also assist in program support and partake in skills. Must have substantial leadership experience, communication skills, excellent relational and conflict skills and basic knowledge of counselling and psychology. Must be willing to be trained in plan to protect and must have completed a minimum of one year of Bible college/university or have equivalent experience or training.



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