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LIT 1   2024

DATE:  JUNE 30-July 20


             July 28 - Aug 17


COST:  $600


The LIT Program is 3 continuous weeks. 

LIT 2   2024

DATE: June 30-July 20


            July 28 - Aug 17


Cost: $570


The LIT Program is 3 continuous weeks. 


This program provides a foundation for you to learn and be challenged to grow in your relationship with Christ, make new friends and learn what it means to serve. You will partake in sessions with topics pertaining to theology, leadership and service and will be expected to serve in the area of duties. This includes maintenance, kitchen and playing wide games. You will be challenged to grow spiritually and to understand and partake in what it means to serve not only camp, but the kingdom itself.


 AGE: LIT 1- minimum age 15, or entering grade 10

          LIT 2- minimum age 16, or entering grade 11
 PHYSICAL: Able to keep up with the high-energy of camp life.
 ATTITUDE: Excited, motivated, willing to learn and build relationships
 SPIRITUAL: Believer in Jesus Christ, and active in service and discipleship




            “As an LIT, I got to meet some of the weirdest yet most rad people and I was able spend one amazing month with these folks. Prior to LIT 1, I was super shy, didn’t know many people and God seemed unknown and mysterious to me. Boy, I had no clue what I was getting myself into, becoming an LIT changed everything. After a month of cleaning toilets, washing dishes and singing campfire songs, I came back a different person. I learned that it’s alright to be yourself and to be open with others because those are the moments where God helps us grow most and achieve even greater things through Him. In addition, I learned so much about who I am as an individual and as a follower of Jesus.”

        “I realized how amazing it is to take part in the Kingdom’s work and to help kids meet Christ. I am beyond grateful for the friendships and memories I made out at camp because they have helped me get to where I am now in life and in my walk with Christ. It only took one month at camp to change my life, and it can take just one month to change yours.”

Vanessa Major

(LIT 1 & 2)


          “Eagle bay camp, a place where lives are changed. That’s a big claim, no matter how you look at it. How can a week, a month, or even a summer at camp change somebody’s life? The truth is it isn’t just the camp, it’s God. God’s presence is just so saturated into every aspect of Eagle Bay, that it’s inescapable. And it’s that focus on God and on each and every camper that comes to Eagle Bay that legitimately changed my life forever.”

         “Camp showed me not how to pray, but to have a conversation with God. It’s not like sending a message in a bottle, or just talking to the celling. God is here with me and he wants to talk to me not only as my king, but as my father, and my best friend.
         The best part about it all was that it didn’t end when I left camp, my relationship with God stayed. The relationships that I made at camp stayed, and are today some of the deepest and most significant connections I have with another person.
         Did camp change my life? In short, yes. It changed the way I act, think and interact with others. It’s the place where I met some of my closest friends, and where I began my walk with God in earnest. Eagle Bay Camp is a place where lives are changed.”

Noah Bergmann 

(LIT 1 & 2)

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