Welcome to Eagle Bay Camp. Whether you are a child, young person, or adult you will never forget your time at Eagle Bay. Our Motto "A Place Where Lives are Changed" perfectly describes this 23 acre piece of property on the shores of Shuswap lake in Southern BC. We believe once you come to Eagle Bay Camp you will long to return. This is a very special place and many people have found peace, purpose, and answers to some of life's difficult questions after spending time here.
Since it's inception in 1984, Eagle Bay has continued to grow and become a very popular camp in the BC Interior. From one of our 18 rustic cabins to our 18 room retreat lodge, you will find the perfect setting for your week at summer camp, weekend retreat, or day trip. Each cabin sleeps 8-10 people and each room in our lodge can sleep up to 4, complete with bathrooms and showers in each room. Our large dining hall and outdoor covered deck can feed over 200 people, in one sitting, and our full-time chef offers over 30 years of expert cooking experience.
Outdoor activities include over a kilometer of lake front, a 26' climbing tower, basketball, Gaga pit, zip line, archery, beach volleyball as well as kayaking, swimming, paintball, and our lakeside campfire pit which can seat more than 200 people.

If you would like to speak further about how you might become involved at Eagle Bay Camp just drop us an email, or call our Vernon office!

Ric Cyr
Eagle Bay Camp Director





  In 1982 the search for a centrally located, lakefront campsite was begun by the Christian & Missionary Alliance Churches of the Southern Interior of British Columbia, but the story of Eagle Bay began many, many years before. Frank & Marion Adley owned nearly 23 acres of lakefront property on the southern shores of the Shuswap arm of Shuswap Lake.  From their living room window they could watch the sun set across the lake and they began a dream that one day the beaches near their home would be filled with the sounds of children swimming, laughing, and learning about a God who loves them.  Mr. Gordon Hirtle tells the story like this:

"...the Pastor of the Kelowna Alliance church, Lloyd Draper, asked Gordon Hirtle, an engineer and realtor in his congregation, for assistance. Hirtle conducted a thorough boat exploration of suitable waterfront properties on the Shuswap Lake during the summer but produced no positive results. On September 16th, 1982, during a presentation to the Board of Regional District of Columbia-Shuswap, Mr. Hirtle noticed that the District Planner was wearing an open-necked shirt with a leather necklace holding a wooden cross. This visual demonstration of faith at a public meeting by a senior bureaucrat intrigued Hirtle and he requested an appointment following the formal meeting. The Planner, Anthony Pellett, proudly displayed the cross and announced that he was a delegate to the Anglican Church Synod in Victoria and leaving early the following morning.  When Hirtle asked if he knew of an Shuswap lakeshore properties whose owners may be interested in using as a Church camp, he paused, and then said 'there is a couple who own property near the westerly end of my District who may be interested!' On his return to Kelowna, Hirtle then wrote a letter to the couple - Mr. & Mrs. Frank Adley at Eagle Bay On September 28th Hirtle happened to be working in the field and that day went home for lunch - a rare occurrence! In his mailbox was a reply to his letter to Frank Adley which said 'your unexpected inquiry was an answer to our prayers!'

On returning to his office Hirtle received a call from the Assistant Pastor, Ron Frentz, who chaired the Camp development committee.  Pastor Frentz said 'I have three committee members in my car and we are just leaving for Invermere to look at property on Lake Windermere for a possible campsite'. Hirtle replied 'I have the answer to our search, I'll see you in five minutes!'


The rest of the story is history - Frank Adley and his wife Marion sold 6.83 acres of their property (443 ft. of lakefrontage) for a fraction of the market value. In 1989 an anonymous donor contributed a significant sum of money to the CMAC, Pacific Division and designated for use in the Eagle Bay Camp. Hirtle then assisted Mr. & Mrs. Adley in the sale of their remaining acres (932 feet of lakefront) to CMAC in return for a life estate."


Today, Eagle Bay Camp occupies all of nearly 23 acres (including 1375 feet of beautiful lakefront) that was originally owned by the Adleys.  Frank and Marion lived in their home for as long as they were able to manage and although they have now both passed away, their dreams are heard in the echos of laughter throughout the property.  




Eagle Bay Camp believes every person is uniquely created in the image of God and given a special purpose and calling in this life. It is therefore our mission to communicate God's love and forgiving grace through Jesus Christ, so that everyone has the opportunity to know this truth and develop into his/her leadership potential. 

Eagle Bay Camp strives to be an inclusive and open community, believing that every person deserves love and respect regardless of the colour of their skin, sexual orientation, identity, or religious beliefs. We believe that every person has immeasurable value and deserves to live a life free from judgement for who they are or what they believe. We are committed to ensuring everyone who attends feels safe, accepted and is treated with love, grace, and dignity.”



Every person is created by God to have a relationship with Him through Christ. We are committed to this value in all summer camps.


Every person is invited into the Christ-life through the work of the Spirit. This value is also a part of our summer camps and Leadership Program.


Leadership training is key to developing a person to their full potential.


Relationships are at the core of everything we do at Eagle Bay and every person needs to know they are loved, encouraged, and supported through quality friendships.


This is our home and we need to learn to take care of it.