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This is your opportunity to use your gifts in worship and art to serve God for the summer. Working hard to lead campers in gospel-centered worship and to capture each moment for them to remember.

This individual will be responsible for running the worship program at Eagle Bay Camp during the summer. Must have an engaging and charismatic personality and be comfortable performing and speaking in front of crowds. Must have good musicianship and have regular experience leading worship. Must have previous experience working with a sound board, basic knowledge of stage set up and take down and experience with pro-presenter. This individual must also be able to train volunteers to assist in running the sound/visuals during chapel times. This position also includes being present and on time for all wide games to run sound. This position is for someone who is passionate about worship arts ministry and is working towards a future in it. Will also be required to participate in various program activities.





This person will be responsible for all photography and video taken during the summer. This includes taking pictures and video of each activity, game and daily camp life for the week and producing and editing a video. Must have experience working with a digital camera, knowledge of basic camera controls, filming technique and have previously worked with final cut pro. Must be interested in photography and videography and have a desire to use these talents for capturing unique and extraordinary camp moments. Must also have experience in working with children and teens. Also required to participate in various program activities.




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