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SLP 2024

DATE:       JULY 7-20


                 Aug 4-17


COST:       $410


The SLP Program is two continuous weeks. 

This program provides a foundation for you to learn and be challenged to grow in your relationship with Christ, make new friends and learn what it means to serve. You will partake in sessions with topics pertaining to theology, leadership and service and will be expected to serve in the area of duties. This includes maintenance, kitchen and playing wide games. You will be challenged to grow spiritually and to understand and partake in what it means to serve not only camp, but the kingdom itself.



 AGE: SLP - minimum age 14, or entering grade 9.
 PHYSICAL: Able to keep up with the high-energy of camp life.
 ATTITUDE: Excited, motivated, willing to learn and build relationships.
 SPIRITUAL: Believer in Jesus Christ, and active in service and discipleship.




        There was a more personal setting with only 10 of us SLPs, and I got to form deeper connections and friendships with people I had just met than I had with any of my friends at home. We were a team, and we stuck together. I think the strength of these relationships really showed when our two weeks at camp ended. The bonds I tied in Christ at camp still remain in my daily life, and I never feel like I am alone when I know somewhere I have people that love me. I remember Ric Cyr saying in a session one time that the key to keeping the "camp high" were good friends that love Jesus. "It's your lifeline," He said, and man, was he right.”

Amy Smith


             “People at camp, talk about real life issues in deeper ways that have more of an impact. I have developed relationships and formed friendships with people that I know will never fade, because they were with me at a very important part of my life.
               My experience at Eagle Bay has impacted my daily life to a great degree.  I now take every opportunity to demonstrate His love to others through my actions, thoughts and words.  I now know that every day will not be like Camp, where we are ‘spoon fed’ our learning through daily devotions, worship, activities that keep us all on the same page. At home, we must learn to ‘feed ourselves’ and this is the challenge.”

Delaney Tetrault

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