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Leadership development is very close to the heart of Eagle Bay Camp.  We believe that by developing passionate and humble leaders, we're not only building up the future of Eagle Bay Camp, but also the communities and places that we live.  We are constantly hearing from local churches, business, and schools that the young people who pass through our leadership training programs are setting the bar in both leadership and service.  We offer two leadership training programs: Leader In Training (LIT) and Servant Leadership Program (SLP).  LIT I and II is now a 3 week summer program for students aged 15-18, and SLP is a 2 week program for students aged 14-16.

Leadership Apply

~ Deadline for applications is April 15th

Step One: Fill out the application form
* Please select all available dates you are applying for. 
Attach 1 photo of yourself, and 1 photo of your medical ID card. 
Apply Here
Step Two: Select two references and share with them the reference link and leadership program you are applying for. 
Step Three: Fill out the medical and waiver form. 
Step Four: Once selected all leadership students must complete a Volunteer Criminal Record Check. The required age for a volunteer CRC is 12 and up. 

You are done!

Applications will be processed once all references and waivers have been completed. 

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